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Table PPP-5. Potency of cannabis products at retail level, 2011

Part (iii) Geographical coverage / sampling frame / type of study

CountryGeographical coverage / Sampling frame / Type of study
BelgiumNational / seizures sent to the laboratories for analysis following prosecutors' decision / analysis developed by 11 laboratories including data from "Project drugs in circulation"
BulgariaLocal: district of Sofia / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures
Czech RepublicNational / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures in some laboratories; not all analysis and all laboratories are included (permanent data collection twice per year).
GermanyNational / all seizures linked to criminal investigation / routine analysis of seizures
EstoniaNational / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures
FranceNational / all seizures / monitoring system
ItalyNational / seizures under a specific threshold (Latium all seizures) / routine analysis of seizures
LuxembourgNational / all seizures random sampling / monitoring system
HungaryNational / all seizures submitted for analysis of herbal cannabis over 8 g / resin seizures of over 25 g / routine analysis of seizures: THC content means only free THC without THC acid.
MaltaNational / random sample of police and customs seizures / monitoring system
NetherlandsNational / user's level: random test purchases in coffee shops / monitoring system
AustriaNational / seizures under a specific threshold / Seizures when suspicion about the substance / test purchases at street level / routine analysis of seizures
PolandNational / not all seizures (includes material from cultivations) / routine analysis of seizures
PortugalNational / random selected sample of seizures of under 1 g / routine analysis of seizures
RomaniaNational / sampling of all cases (retail or large) for which the authorities requested the potency analysis according UNODC best practice manual; High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to quantify THC, CBD and CBN / routine analysis of seizures
SloveniaNational / all seizures: random selection / routine analysis of seizures
SlovakiaNational / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures
FinlandNational / THC purity is measured only when herbal cannabis sample amount is >150 g and the purity test is specially requested / monitoring system
SwedenNational / seizures made by the police / Data is collected continuously throughout the year
United KingdomNational (England and Wales) / seizures, from street-level users when issuing a warning, submitted for analysis to their usual forensic provider by 23 Police Forces participated / ad-hoc study
CroatiaNational / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures
TurkeyNational / seizures sent to the laboratories for analysis due judicial or law enforcement needs
NorwayNational / all seizures / routine analysis of seizures

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