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Table PDU-6. Estimated trends in the prevalence of problem and injecting drug use, 2006–11 (rate per 1 000 population aged 15–64): Combined estimates per country

Part (iii) Estimated trends of injecting drug use

Country200620072008200920102011Drug use [1]Method [1]
Czech Republic3.974.004.214.755.035.29IDUTM
United Kingdom3.953.69::3.27IDUCM


Data represents a selection based on the availability of the same calculation method over the time. In some countries more estimates might be available. The selection was made in order for the trend to be unbiased. In some countries data are insufficient to report.

Target groups may vary between countries owing to different methods and data sources; therefore comparisons should be made with caution.

[1] - POU = Problem opioid use; PSU = Problem stimulant use; IDU = Injecting drug use; PDU = Problem drug use. TM = Treatment Multiplier ; HM = HIV Multiplier ; MM = Mortality Multiplier ; MI = Multivariate Indicator Method ; PM = Police Multiplier ; TP = Truncated Poisson ; CM = Combined Methods. CR = Capture Recapture, OT = Other Methods.

**Croatia: Age range for Croatia is all ages for years 2006,2008 and 2009. Trend information covers only a part of IDU population in the country.

*Cyprus: Estimates are based on currently injectors (opioids and stimulants)


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