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Table DLO-0. Drug law offences

Part (iii) Terminology used in defining drug law offences in Europe

CountryTerminology: drug law offences
BelgiumPolice reports or registrations of offences related to illicit drugs.
BulgariaPolice reports of arrests for drugs and precursors related law offences.
Czech RepublicPersons prosecuted for primary drug related crime according to Penal Code and Drug-related misdemeanours.
DenmarkPolice reports of drug offences/cases registered for violation of drug laws.
GermanyRegistered cases (based on complaints) of offences against the Narcotic Drug Law.
EstoniaPersons reported for offences against the drug legislation
IrelandDrug offences where criminal proceedings commenced
GreeceProsecuted persons by any authority (Police, Coast Guard, Customs, Greek Financial and Economic Crimes Office) for any drug law offence.
SpainInitial reports of arrests submitted by National Police Corps, Civil Guard and Customs in case of dealing/trafficking (criminal offences) and reports in case of possession/use in public places (administrative offences).
FrancePolice reports of Infractions and drug law offences.
ItalyReports of drug law offences: persons referred to the Judicial Authority (criminal offences) and persons referred to the Prefect of the police force (administrative offences).
CyprusPolice reports of official charges against the drug legislation.
LatviaReports of criminal procedures and administrative violations for drug law offences.
LithuaniaPolice reports of investigated case for drug law offences.
LuxembourgReports of presumed offences against the 1973 drug law.
HungaryCharges for indictable drug law offences (i.e. cases of drug abuse reported by police and prosecutors at the end of criminal investigations).
MaltaPolice reports of persons arrested for drug law offences.
NetherlandsOffences against the Opium Act considered in need of Prosecution Department.
AustriaPolice reports for violations of the Narcotic Substances Act.
PolandPolice reports of offences against Drug Law 2005.
PortugalPresumed offenders questioned by the police for drug-related offences (criminal offences) and suspected drug users referred to the Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Use (CDT) (administrative offences).
RomaniaReports of convicted persons under/against national drug legislation (Law no.143/2000).
SloveniaPresumed offences against drug legislations.
SlovakiaReports of convicted offenders; persons charged for drug law offences.
FinlandReports of offences against the Penal Code and Persons suspected of offences under the Penal Code.
SwedenTotal number of reported drug offences.
United KingdomPersons found guilty, cautioned, given a fiscal fine or dealt with by compounding for drug law offences.
CroatiaPolice reports, before charges, of criminal drug law offences against Criminal Code, Article 173.
TurkeyOffences brought up by the main law enforcement authorities (police, Gendarmerie, customs) for drug law offences.
NorwayPolice reports of offences against General Civil Penal Code and Act on Medicinal Products.

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