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Table HSR-7. Availability of selected health responses in prison in EU-27, Croatia, Turkey and Norway

CountryIndividual counselling on infection risk Pre-release counselling on overdose risk Practical advice and training on 'safer use/ safer injecting'Prison needle and syringe programmes (NSPs)HCV test on entry HCV test on release Risk-group specific hepatitis B vaccination programme in prisonInformation materials on drug-related deaths and emergencies for prison staff
Belgium (Flemish community)Not availableNot availableExtensiveNot availableFullLimitedYesNo
Belgium (French community)LimitedRareNot availableNot availableLimitedNot availableNoNo
BulgariaNo informationNo informationNo informationNot availableNo informationNo informationNoNo information
Czech RepublicLimitedNo informationNot availableNot availableRareRareNoNo information
DenmarkLimitedRareNo informationNot availableNo informationNo informationNoNo
GermanyNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationYes
EstoniaFullLimitedNo informationNot availableFullFullYesNo information
IrelandLimitedNo informationNot availableNot availableLimitedExtensiveYesYes
GreeceLimitedLimitedLimitedNot availableFullNot availableYesNo
FranceRareNo informationNot availableNot availableExtensiveNo informationNoNo information
ItalyFullFullNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationYes
CyprusLimitedRareNot availableNot availableFullNot availableNoNo
LatviaLimitedNot availableLimitedNot availableNot availableNot availableNoYes
LithuaniaLimitedRareNot availableNot availableLimitedNot availableYesYes
LuxembourgFullLimitedLimitedFullFullRareNoNo information
Hungary(1)ExtensiveNo informationNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableNoNo
MaltaNot availableNot availableNot availableNot availableFullNot availableYesNo
NetherlandsNo informationLimitedNo informationNot availableLimitedNo informationYesYes
AustriaLimitedRareRareNot availableExtensiveRareYesNo
PolandFullExtensiveLimitedNot availableFullFullYesYes
PortugalExtensiveLimitedLimitedRareExtensiveNo informationYesNo
SloveniaFullFullFullNot availableExtensiveNot availableYesNo
SlovakiaLimitedRare:Not availableNot availableFullNo informationNo informationNo information
FinlandExtensiveExtensiveLimitedNot availableFullFullYesNo
SwedenLimitedNot availableNot availableNot availableFullNot availableYesYes
United KingdomLimitedExtensiveLimitedLimitedLimitedExtensiveYesYes
CroatiaFullFullNot availableNot availableFullFullNoNo
TurkeyNo informationNot availableNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationNo informationno
NorwayFullNot availableNot availableNot availableExtensiveNot availableYesNo information


Reitox NFPs's expert rating

Full: nearly all persons in need would obtain it

Extensive: a majority (but not nearly all of them) would obtain it

Limited: more than a few but not a majority of them would obtain it Rare: just a few of them would obtain it

Rare: just a few of them would obtain it

(1) Although there is no HCV testing both at entry and at release, since 2007 extensive campaign screening programmes take place in prisons (for details see Hungary National Report 2011, Chapter 11.3).

See also 'General notes for interpreting data' on the Explanatory notes and help page.


Structured Questionnaire on 'Prevention and Reduction of Health-Related Harm associated with drug use' (SQ 23/29), submitted by NFPs in 2011.

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