Scientific award 2018: winning and shortlisted articles

Basic biological, neurobiological and behavioural research shortlist

Büchel, C., Peters J., Banaschewski, T., Bokde, A.L.W., Bromberg, U., Conrod, P.J., Flor, H., Papadopoulos, D., Garavan, H., Gowland, P., Heinz, A., Walter, H., Ittermann, B., Mann, K., Martinot, J.L., Paillère-Martinot, M.L., Nees, F., Paus, T., Pausova, Z., Poustka, L., Rietschel, M., Robbins, T.W., Smolka, M.N., Gallinat, J., Schumann, G., Knutson, B. and the IMAGEN consortium, (2017), Blunted ventral striatal responses to anticipated rewards foreshadow problematic drug use in novelty-seeking adolescentsNature Communications, DOI:10.1038/ncomms14140.

Population-based and epidemiology research shortlist

Tirado-Muñoz, J., Gilchrist, G., Fischer, G., Taylor, A., Moskalewicz, J., Giammarchi, C., Köchl, B., Munro, A., Dąbrowska, K., Shaw, A, Di Furia, L., Leeb, I., Hopf, C. and Torrens, M., (2017), Psychiatric comorbidity and intimate partner violence among women who inject drugs in Europe: a cross-sectional study. Arch Womens Ment Health, DOI 10.1007/s00737-017-0800-3.

Ivers, J., Zgaga, L., Sweeney, B., Keenan, E., Darker, C., Smyth, B. and Barry, J., (2017), A naturalistic longitudinal analysis of post‐detoxification outcomes in opioid‐dependent patients. Drug and Alcohol Review,

Karjalainen, K., Kuussaari, K., Kataja, K., Tigerstedt, C. and Hakkarainen, P., (2017), Measuring Concurrent Polydrug Use in General Populations: A Critical Assessment. European Addiction Research DOI: 10.1159/000477802

Abouchedid, R., Hudson, S., Thurtle, N., Yamamoto, T., Ho, J., Bailey, G., Wood, M., Sadones, N., Stove, C., Dines, A., Archer, J., Wood, D. and Dargan, P., (2017), Analytical confirmation of synthetic cannabinoids in a cohort of 179 presentations with acute recreational drug toxicity to an Emergency Department in London, UK in the first half of 2015. Clinical Toxicology

Castrignanò, E., Yang, Z., Bade, R., Baz-Lomba, J., Castiglioni, S., Causanilles, A., Covaci, A., Gracia-Lor, E., Hernandez, F., Kinyua, J., McCall, A., Nuijs, A., Ort, C., Plósz, BG., Ramin, P., Rousis, N., Ryu, Y., Thomas, K., Voogt, P., Zuccato, E. and Kasprzyk-Hordern, B., (2017), Enantiomeric profiling of chiral illicit drugs in a pan-European study. Water Research

Alves, E., Brandão, P., Magalhães, T., Carvalho, F. and Dinis-Oliveira, R., (2017), Fatal Intoxications in the North of Portugal: 12 Years of Retrospective Analysis. Current Drug Safety DOI: 10.2174/1574886311666160724212407

Markets and drug cultures research shortlist

Gouwe, D.v.d., Brunt, T.M., van Laar, M. and der Pol, P., (2017), Purity, adulteration and price of drugs bought on‐line versus off‐line in the Netherlands. Addiction

Aldridge, J., Stevens, A. and Barratt, M., (2017), Will growth in cryptomarket drug buying increase the harms of illicit drugs? Addiction

Brunt, T., Atkinson, A., Nefauc, T., Martinez, M., Lahaie, E., Malzcewski, A., Pazitny, M., Belackova, V. and Brandt, S., (2017), Online test purchased new psychoactive substances in 5 different European countries: A snapshot study of chemical composition and price. International Journal of Drug Policy

Demand reduction intervention research shortlist

Marsden, J., Stillwell, G., Jones, H., Cooper, A., Eastwood, B., Farrell, M., Lowden, T., Maddalena, N., Metcalfe, C., Shaw, J. and Hickman, M., (2017), Does exposure to opioid substitution treatment in prison reduce the risk of death after release? A national prospective observational study in England. Addiction

Platt, L., Minozzi, S., Reed, J., Vickerman, P., Hagan, H., French, C., Jordan, A., Degenhardt, L., Hope, V., Hutchinson, S., Maher, L., Palmateer, N., Taylor, A., Bruneau, J. and Hickman, M., (2017), Needle and syringe programmes and opioid substitution therapy for preventing HCV transmission among people who inject drugs: findings from a Cochrane Review and meta-analysis. Addiction doi:10.1111/add.14012

Heikman, P., Muhonen, L. and Ojanperä, I., (2017), Polydrug abuse among opioid maintenance treatment patients is related to inadequate dose of maintenance treatment medicine. BMC Psychiatry

Skoglund, C., Brandt, L., D’Onofriod, B., Larssonc, H. and Franck, J., (2017), Methylphenidate doses in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and comorbid substance use disorders. European Neuropsycho-pharmacology

Oortmerssen, K., Vedel, E., Kramer, F., Koeterb, M., Schoeversa, R. and Brink, W., (2017), Diagnosing ADHD during active substance use: Feasible or flawed? Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Drug policy and suply reduction interventions research shortlist

Belackova, V., Pazitny, M., Drapalova, E., Martinez, M., van der Gouwe, D., Begley, E., Kidawa, M., Tomkova, A. and Kmetonynova, D., (2017), Assessing the impact of laws controlling the online availability of 25I-NBOMe, AH-7921, MDPV and MXE – outcomes of a semi-automated e-shop monitoring. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Belackova, V., Ritter, A., Shanahan, M. and Hughes, C., (2017), Assessing the concordance between illicit drug laws on the books and drug law enforcement: Comparison of three states on the continuum from “decriminalised” to “punitive”. International Journal of Drug Policy

Potter, G. and Chatwin, C., (2017), Not particularly special: critiquing ‘NPS’ as a category of drugs. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy

Hall, W. (2017), The future of the international drug control system and national drug prohibitions. Addiction