Work programme 2015


The EMCDDA’s 2015 annual work programme sets out the objectives for the final year of the agency’s 2013–15 strategy. Among the core principles are: delivering a relevant, timely and responsive analysis of the drug situation; achieving efficiency and ensuring that maximum value is delivered from activities and investments; and enhancing communication and a customer-focused approach. This work programme promises also to build a solid bridge between current priorities and those defined for the upcoming strategy (2016–18).

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Table of contents

  • Introduction and summary of key outputs
  • Main areas of work in 2015
  • Monitoring and reporting on the drugs problem in Europe
    • Data collection, analysis and quality assurance
    • Monitoring and understanding drug use and problems: key indicators and epidemiology
    • Monitoring demand reduction responses applied to drug-related problems
    • Monitoring drug supply and supply reduction interventions
    • Monitoring new trends and developments and assessing the risks of new substances
    • Improving Europe’s capacity to monitor and evaluate policies
    • Scientific coordination, research and content support
  • Cooperation and collaboration with key partners
  • Supporting the achievement of results
    • Communicating the EMCDDA’s findings to external audiences
    • Governance, management and networks
  • Support to operations
    • Administration: supporting core business
    • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Annexes
    • Potential risk factors
    • Estimated budget allocation 
    • Key performance indicators
    • List of procurements
    • List of beneficiaries of Reitox grants
    • Template of the 2015 Reitox grant
  • List of abbreviations and acronyms