Work programme 2014


The 2014 Work programme continues to implement the commitments set out in the EMCDDA’s 2013–15 strategy and work programme. It builds on the achievements made in 2013 where measures were put in place to ensure that the EMCDDA’s approach remains appropriate to the challenge of reporting on an evolving drug situation within the context of changing customer needs and expectations. Work for 2014 is underpinned by the core principles of the strategy which are to ensure: the relevance and timeliness of our reporting; that our working practices are efficient and maximise investments made; and that we remain communication and customer focused.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Key outputs to be published in 2014 and their intended audience
  • Monitoring and reporting on the drugs problem in Europe
    • Data collection, analysis and quality assurance
    • Monitoring and understanding drug use and problems: key indicators and epidemiology
    • Monitoring demand reduction responses applied to drug-related problems
    • Monitoring drug supply and supply reduction interventions
    • Monitoring new trends and developments and assessing the risks of new substances
    • Improving Europe’s capacity to monitor and evaluate policies
    • Scientific coordination, research and content support
  • Cooperation and collaboration with key partners
  • Supporting the achievement of results
    • Communicating the EMCDDA’s findings to external audiences
    • Governance, management and networks
  • Support to operations
    • Administration: supporting core business
    • Information and communication technology (ICT)
  • Annexes
    • Potential risk factors
    • Estimated budget allocation
    • Key performance indicators
    • List of procurements
    • List of beneficiaries of Reitox grants
    • Template of the 2014 Reitox grant