Work programme 2013


This is the first of the three annual work programmes required to implement the activities and commitments set out in the EMCDDA’s new strategy for the 2013–15 period. The central challenge for the EMCDDA is to continue to deliver high-quality analyses on established topics at the same time as extending its work in less developed but strategically important areas. As the European drug problem evolves, the EMCDDA must also ensure that its tools and approaches keep pace with developments and remain fit for purpose.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction and summary of key outputs
  • Main areas of work in 2013
  • Cooperation and collaboration with key partners
  • Supporting the achievement of results
  • Annex I: Potential risk factors
  • Annex II: Estimated allocation/use of the appropriations provided under the EMCDDA 2013
    budget for the implementation of the EMCDDA 2013 work programme
  • Annex III: List of the national focal points’ beneficiaries of the Reitox grant
  • Annex IV: Template of the 2013 Reitox grant agreement
  • List of abbreviations and acronyms