EMCDDA Strategy 2025


This strategy sets out an ambitious course of travel for the agency to 2025. It presents a vision to contribute to a healthier and more secure Europe, through better informed drug policy and action. Adopted unanimously by the agency’s key stakeholders in 2016, the strategy is the result of a year-long, in-depth analysis of the environment in which the EMCDDA operates. This analysis focused, in particular, on customer needs and a critical review of our internal capacity to meet them.

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Table of contents

  • Foreword
  • Background – Towards a long–term strategic approach
  • EMCDDA strategic and operational framework
    • EMCDDA mission, vision and values
    • Goals, strategic objectives and business drivers
  • EMCDDA strategy to 2025
    • Goal 1: Contribute to a healthier Europe
    • Goal 2: Contribute to a more secure Europe
    • The environment for successful delivery: the EMCDDA’s business drivers
  • Roadmap 2020
  • Annex 1. At a glance: the EMCDDA’s strategic objectives and accompanying action areas
  • Annex 2. At a glance: the EMCDDA’s business drivers and accompanying action areas