Reitox Development Framework Roadmap 2020 - Evaluation of the implementation


In 2017, when the Reitox Development Framework (RDF) was prepared and adopted, one of the key issues underlined by the Centre and the network alike was the need to ensure its execution through the definition of concrete implementing activities; and that the implementation of those activities would be evaluated by undertaking a final assessment shortly after the end of the implementation period.

In line with this, a roadmap setting 30 milestones to be implemented by the end of December 2020, the four strategic and the nine specific objectives of the RDF, was adopted as an annex of the RDF. Since the adoption of the document, the Centre and the NFPs have engaged themselves, often jointly, in the implementation of all 30 milestones.

Therefore, the scope of this evaluation concerns the efficacy and effectiveness of the implementation of the roadmap, to assess the extent to which the roadmap was implemented through the defined objectives, activities and accompanying milestones.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Assessment method
  • Main findings per strategic/specific objective
  • Conclusion