The role of psychosocial interventions in drug treatment (Perspectives on drugs)


Psychosocial interventions are structured psychological or social interventions used to address substance-related problems. They can be used at different stages of drug treatment to identify the problem, treat it and assist with social reintegration. Psychosocial interventions are used to treat many different types of drug problems and behavioural addictions. This analysis explains what the main psychosocial interventions are and to whom they are provided. 

Part of the Perspectives on Drugs (PODs) series, launched as part of the European Drug Report package, these designed-for-the-web interactive analyses provide deeper insights into a selection of important issues.

Note that the online version contains additional interactive or audiovisual material not available in the PDF version.

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Table of contents

  • Discussion: psychosocial interventions in drug treatment
  • Interactive: psychosocial interventions on a drug user's treatment journey
  • Key definitions
  • Contingency management in focus