Professionals working in reception centres in Europe: an overview of drug-related challenges and support needs


This report describes the context of substance use and the utilisation of healthcare services among applicants for international protection in EU+ countries. This joint EMCDDA-EUAA study aims to identify the key issues and define recommendations based on the needs expressed by a sample of professionals working in reception facilities.

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Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements    
  • List of abbreviations    
  • Definitions (in alphabetical order)    
  • Introduction    
  • Context and background    
    • Substance use among migrants and refugees    
    • Insights into substance use among applicants for international protection and persons granted protection    
    • Utilisation of health and social services by migrants, applicants for IP and persons granted protection    
    • Healthcare for IP applicants in EU+ countries    
  • A study assessing the experiences and needs of professionals working in reception centres    
    • Methods and tools    
    • Limitations    
    • Results    
  • Discussion and conclusions    
    • Perceived substance use: tobacco, alcohol, cannabis and medicines    
    • Need for assessment, early intervention and harm reduction alongside prevention and referral to substance use treatment    
    • A need for training for professionals in the reception setting    
  • Ways forward    
  • Bibliography