European report on drug consumption rooms, 2004


Consumption rooms are protected places for the hygienic consumption of preobtained drugs in a non-judgemental environment and under the supervision of trained staff (Akzept, 2000). They constitute a highly specialised drugs service within a wider network of services for drug users, embedded in comprehensive local strategies to reach and fulfil a diverse range of individual and community needs that arise from drug use. This report aims to provide a descriptive analysis of historical background, operational frameworks and outcomes ofdrug consumption rooms that can serve as a basis for a more informed discussion. The report is part of the remit of the EMCDDA to monitor drug use-related health consequences and efforts to reduce these, guided by the second target of the European Union Drugs Strategy 2000–04, which is the substantial reduction over five years of the incidence of infectious diseases and the number of drug-related deaths.

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Table of contents

  • What are consumption rooms?
  • History
  • Reaching the target group
  • Health
  • What are the effects of consumption rooms on public order and crime?
  • Summary and conclusions
  • Annex I References