EMCDDA pilot study of drug-related homicide in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden


This paper is part of the EMCDDA activity around the development and improvement of drug supply indicators, with a focus on drug-related homicide. It builds upon the 2017 review of the academic research and data sources on drug-related homicide at national and European/international levels by providing a common definition of the phenomenon and a detailed set of guidelines for standardised data collection. Importantly, the report also presents a comparative analysis of the results of the pilot collection of DRH data conducted in Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

This is a supporting publication to the 2019 EU Drug Markets Report.

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Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements 
  • Summary 
  • Background and aim 
    • Classifying drug-related violence 
  • Methodology 
    • European Homicide Monitor 
    • Data collection and analysis 
    • Definitions and operationalisation 
    • Country characteristics 
  • The nature and scope of drug-related homicide in three European countries 
    • Drug-related homicide 
    • Drug-related homicide compared with non-drug-related homicide 
  • Discussion and conclusion
    • Discussion of findings 
    • Looking ahead: shortcomings and steps forward
    • Conclusion