Drug-related health and security threats in the Western Balkans


This report presents a comprehensive analysis of the drug situation in the Western Balkans focused on health and security aspects. It provides a holistic and strategically oriented understanding of the drug situation by bringing together the available information on drug policies and interventions, patterns of drug use and their consequences, as well as data on drug production and trafficking, and how these may impact on broader security-related concerns. The publication was prepared in the framework of the EMCDDA-IPA7 project, financed by the European Commission.

Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Key findings
  • Drivers and facilitators
  • Drug policy and the law
  • Drug use, harms and responses
  • The impact of drug markets in the Western Balkans
  • The role and impact of Western Balkan criminal networks on drug markets in the EU
  • Cannabis: use, production and supply
  • Cocaine: use and supply
  • Heroin and other opioids: use and supply
  • Synthetic drugs: use, production and supply
  • References