Health and social responses for methamphetamine users in Europe (Perspectives on drugs)


Methamphetamine is an established stimulant drug in many parts of the world (e.g. South-east Asia, US), where it has long caused major public health problems. While methamphetamine use in Europe has historically been confined to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, new pockets and patterns of use are now emerging elsewhere in the EU, in diverse populations. In this analysis, we look at challenges for the provision of health and social responses related to this drug today.

Part of the Perspectives on drugs (PODs) series, launched alongside the European Drug Report package, these designed-for-the-web interactive analyses provide deeper insights into a selection of important issues.

Note that the online version contains additional interactive or audiovisual material not available in the PDF version.

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Table of contents

  • Analysis: health and social responses for methamphetamine users in Europe
  • Interactive: methamphetamine global timeline
  • Terms and definitions
  • Forms of methamphetamine