Models for the legal supply of cannabis: recent developments (Perspectives on drugs)


Three United Nations Conventions provide the international legal framework on drug control, instructing countries to limit drug supply and use to medical and scientific purposes. Yet, debate is increasing on the legalisation of drugs for non-medical purposes, particularly cannabis. Models under development for the legal supply of cannabis are described in this analysis, as well as some of the questions they raise.

Part of the ‘Perspectives on drugs’ (PODs) series, launched alongside the annual European Drug Report, these designed-for-the-web interactive analyses aim to provide deeper insights into a selection of important issues.

Note that the online version contains additional interactive or audiovisual material not available in the PDF version.

Table of contents

  • Analysis: models for the legal supply of cannabis — recent developments
  • Motion graphic: what is decriminalisation of drugs?
  • Terms and definitions
  • Cannabis social clubs: production without retail sale