A cannabis reader: grey literature list

Below is an online version of the appendix which can be found in Volume 1 of 'A cannabis reader'. The list is sorted chronologically.

List of cannabis-related grey literature
Title, author Year of publication and publisher Pages Countries and language
Australian National Drug Strategy, Monograph No. 25 on the health and psychological consequences of cannabis use (Hall, Solowik, Lemon, 1994). 1994 Australian Government 198pp.* (109,000 words) Australia
Marijuana myths, marijuana facts — A review of the scientific evidence (Zimmer and Morgan, 1997) 1997
Lindesmith Center
241pp. United States
Cannabis: A Health Perspective and Research Agenda (WHO, 1997) 1997
World Health Organisation
50pp. Global – WHO
Bulletin on Narcotics1997 Issue 1 1997
UNODC Bulletin on Narcotics
  Global (EN)
Cannabis, HL Paper151 (UK Government Stationery Office, 1998) 1998 House of Lords Science and Technology Committee 306pp. United Kingdom
The Health Effects of Cannabis (Kalant, Corrigall, Hall, Smart eds., 1999) 1999 Toronto: Addiction Research Foundation 526pp. Canada
Cannabis Report (Swiss Federal Commission for Drug Issues (EKDF), 1999). 1999
Swiss Federal Commission for Drug Issues (EKDF)
91pp. Switzerland
Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base ( Joy et al (eds.), 1999) 1999 Institute of Medicine
United States
288pp. United States
Cannabis: ¡hasta dónde! (Cabrera Forneiro, J. and Ramos Atance, J. (eds)., 1999), Comunidad de Madrid/Harcourt. 1999
Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)
230pp. Spain (ES)
Drug Dependence: Risk and Monitoring (DDRAM) Final Report: Comparative Study Between Newcastle,Groningen, Bremen, Rome and Dublin 2000 BISDRO Institute for Drug Research, University of Bremen 21pp. Germany
Cannabis and driving: a review of the literature and commentary (UK Department of Transport, 2000) 2000 UK Department of Transport 94pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Monografía Cannabis (Bobes García and Calafat Far, 2000) 2000 Plan Nacional Sobre Drogas (Spain) 330pp. Spain
The Health and Psychological Effects of Cannabis – 2nd edition, National Drug Strategy, Monograph No 44 (Hall, Degenhardt, Lynskey, 2001). 2001 Australian Government 182pp. Australia
A report of the national commission on ganja to Rt. hon. P. J. Patterson, q.c., m.p., Prime Minister of Jamaica (Chevannes et al., National Commission on Ganja, 2001) 2001 National Commission on Ganja (Jamaica) 25000 words Jamaica (EN)
Cannabis: Quels effets sur le comportement et la santé ?, Synthèse et recommandations (Inserm,2001) 2001 Inserm (France) 58pp. France (FR)
British Journal of Psychiatry, 178 (2), February 2001, (2001) 2001
British Journal of Psychiatry
28pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Times they are a-changing: The policing of cannabis (May, Warburton, Turnbull, Hough, 2002) 2002
Joseph Rowntree Foundation
74pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Nida Notes: Articles on Marijuana Research (NIDA (ed.), 2002) 2002 NIDA (US) 64pp. United States (EN)
Cannabis: our position for a Canadian public policy (Nolin et al., 2002) 2002
Canadian Senate Special Committee On Illegal Drugs
843pp. (5 sections) Canada
(EN, FR)
Physiological and psychological effects of cannabis : review of the research findings (Wheelock, 2002) 2002
Canadian Senate Special Committee On Illegal Drugs
52pp. ü Canada (EN)
The Cannabis 2002 report. joint international effort at the initiative of the ministers of public health of Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland (Spruit et al., Belgian Ministry of Public Health, 2002) 2002 Belgian Ministry of Public Health 142pp. Belgium, France,Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland
Quand le cannabis fait problème: La question des vulnérabilités (Association GT national, 2002) 2002 Association GT national – médecine générale et conduites addictives (France) 140pp. France (FR)
Drug treatment among young people: a systematic review of effectiveness and the legal framework (Elliott et al, 2002) 2002 Scottish Executive Effective Interventions Unit 135pp United Kingdom (EN)
Guía Básica sobre los Cannabinoides (2002). 2002 Sociedad Española De Investigación Sobre Cannabinoides’ 160pp. Spain
The classification of cannabis under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 2002 Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs UK Home Office 22pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Cannabis: Feiten en cijfers 2002 (Rigter, van Laar, Rigter, Kilmer, 2003) 2002 Trimbos Institute 61pp. The Netherlands (NL)
Cannabis: Policy, Implementation and Outcomes (van het Loo et al., 2003) 2003 RAND Europe, on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports 92pp. The Netherlands (EN)
A growing market, The domestic cultivation of cannabis (Hough et al.; 2003) 2003 Rowntree Foundation 60pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Is Cannabis a Harmless Drug? (Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator, 2003) 2003
Swedish National Drug Policy Coordinator
32pp. Sweden (EN)
Monográfico Cannabis - Revista Española de Drogodependencias Vol 30, no. 1-2 (AESED, 2003) 2003
sociación Española de Estudio en Drogodependencias (AESED)
>218pp. Spain (ES)
Folleto Cannabis (Ministro del Interior, 2003) 2003 Ministro del Interior (Spain) 36pp. Spain (ES)
SWAPS - Spéciale Cannabis 32/33 (Pialoux ed., 2003) 2003
Association Pistes
  France (FR)
Marijuana: Myths and Facts (ONDCP, 2003) 2003 ONDCP (US) 44pp. United States (EN)
Cannabis in Vlaanderen. Patronen van cannabisgebruik bij ervaren gebruikers (Cannabis in Flanders : Patterns of cannabis consumption in experienced users.) (Decorte, Muys, Slock, 2003) 2003 Institute for Social Drug Research, University of Ghent (BE)   Belgium (Flanders) (NL)
Inquiry into the public health strategies related to cannabis use and the most appropriate legal status, Report of the Health Committee (Chadwick (ed.), 2003) 2003 New Zealand House of Representatives, Health Committee 80pp. New Zealand (EN)
Further consideration of the classification of cannabis under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 2004 Advisory Council On The Misuse Of Drugs UK Home Office 36pp. United Kingdom (EN)
L’usage problématique de cannabis (Hautefeuille ed.,2004) 2004 Toxibase and Crips 84pp. France (FR)
Schule und cannabis Regeln, Maßnahmen, Frühintervention (BZgA, 2004) 2004 BZgA, Germany 36pp. Germany (DE)
Ecole et cannabis Règles, mesures et détection précoce (Office fédérale de la santé publique, 2004) 2004
OFSP (Switzerland)
38pp. Switzerland (FR)
What Does It Mean to Decriminalize Marijuana? A Cross-National Empirical Examination (Pacula et al.,2004) 2004 JSP/Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley 34pp. United States (EN)
Adverse Health Consequences of Cannabis Use: (Ramström, 2004) 2004 National Institute of Public Health (Sweden) 130pp. Sweden (EN)
Marijuana Growth in British Columbia, (Easton, 2004) 2004
Fraser Institute
40pp. Canada (EN)
Insights: An overview of cannabis potency in Europe (EMCDDA, 2004) 2004
72pp. European Union (EN)
Informe Sobre el Cánnabis 2004: Análisis de situación y propuestas de actuación. 2004
Grupo de Estudios sobre el Cánnabis
32pp. Spain (ES)
Regular and intensive use of cannabis and related problems: conceptual framework and data analysis in the EU member states (Simon, 2003) 2004
45pp. European Union (EN)
Cannabisbezogene Störungen: Umfang, Behandlungsbedarf und Behandlungsangebot (Cannabis related disorders (CareD): Prevalence, Service needs and Treatment provision) (Simon and Sonntag, 2004) 2004
Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und soziale Sicherung
172pp. Germany (DE)
Cannabis (Ben Amar ed., 2004) 2004
Drogues, santé et société
  Canada (FR)
State of Art-Paper der zum Thema: ‘Cannabis’ (Haller and Dittrich, 2004) 2004 Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie (ÖGPP) 34pp. Austria (DE)
Cannabis problems in context: understanding the increase in European treatment demands, Annual Report 2004 Selected Issue (EMCDDA, 2004) 2004
8pp European Union (Official EU languages)
An Overview of Scientific and other Information on Cannabis (Morgan ed., 2004). 2004 National Advisory Council on Drugs, Ireland 133pp. Ireland (EN)
Cannabis: Basisinformationen (Merfert-Diete, 2004) 2004 Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen e.V. 48pp. Germany (DE)
Cannabis zonder Coffeeshop niet-gedoogde cannabisverkoop in tien Nederlandse gemeenten (Korf et al.,2005) 2005 Criminologisch Instituut Bonger, Universiteit van Amsterdam 145pp. The Netherlands (NL)
Le Cannabis: Document de Travail 2005 Rodin Foundation 221pp. Belgium (FR)
Informe sobre cannabis (Comisión clínica de la delegación del gobierno para el Plan Nacional Sobre Drogas, 2006) 2006 PNSD (Spain) 78pp. Spain (ES)
‘Consultations cannabis’ - Enquête sur les personnes accueillies en 2005 (Obradovic, 2006) 2006 OFDT (France) 109pp. France (FR)
Synthèses: Le Cannabis (Karila and Reynaud, 2006) 2006 Ordre National des Pharmaciens 6pp. France (FR)
UNODC World Drugs Report 2006, Chapter 2: Why should we care about cannabis? (Leggett et al, 2006) 2006 UNODC 51pp. Global (EN)
Repérage précoce de l’usage nocif de Cannabis (INPES, 2006) 2006 INPES 4pp. France (FR)
Cannabis and mental health: responses to the emerging evidence (Hunt, Lenton and Witton, 2006) 2006 Beckley Foundation Drug Policy Programme 16pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Alcoologie et Addictologie, Juin 2006 2006 Société Française d’Alcoologie 111pp. France (FR)
Where there’s smoke… cannabis and mental health (Mental Health Council of Australia, 2006) 2006 Mental Health Council of Australia. 76pp. Australia (EN)
Cannabis: answers to your questions (Copeland et al,2006) 2006 Australian National Council on Drugs 23pp. Australia (EN)
Evidence-based answers to cannabis questions: a review of the literature (Copeland, 2006) 2006 Australian National Council on Drugs 89pp. Australia (EN)
Cannabis: preventie en behandeling bij jongeren
Trimbos Institute (NL)
Trimbos institute
124pp. Netherlands (NL)
National Cannabis Strategy 2006-2009 2006 Australian Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy 40pp. Australia (EN)
The Evidence Base for the Classification of Drugs (Levitt, Nason and Hallsworth, 2006) 2006 RAND Corporation 86pp Europe (United Kingdom) (EN)
EMCDDA drugs profiles: Cannabis 2007
6pp. Europe (EN)
Does cannabis use lead to mental-health problems?: findings from the research (Buckmaster and Thomas, 2007) 2007
Parliament of Australia
Social Policy Section
7pp. Australia (EN)
Cannabis, données essentielles, Saint-Denis, (Costes, J.-M. (ed) OFDT, 2007) 2007
OFDT (France)
232 pp. France (FR)
Cannabiskwekers in Vlaanderen. Patronen en motieven van 748 telers (Decorte, T. en Tuteleers, P. (2007). 2007
Instituut voor Sociaal Drugsonderzoek
The impact of heavy cannabis use on young people (Melrose, M. (ed.), Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2007) 2007
Rowntree Foundation
92 pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Aspectos psiquiátricos del consumo del cannabis (Ramos Atance, J. (ed.) ) 2007
Sociedad Española de investigación en cannabinoides (SEIC)
189 pp. Spain (ES)
The illicit drug market in the United Kingdom, Home Office Online report 20/07 (Matrix research group, 2007) 2007
Home Office (UK)
101 pp. United Kingdom (EN)
Le trafic de cannabis en France (Ben Lakhdar, C., OFDT, 2007) 2007
OFDT (France)
25 pp. France (FR)
ACMD: Cannabis: Classification and Public Health (ACMD, 2008) 2007
56 pp. UK (EN)