A cannabis reader: global issues and local experiences: Volume 2


The EMCDDA’s cannabis monograph addresses one basic question. How can I find quality information on cannabis, amid all the bias and opinion? The monograph is divided into two volumes. The first volume centres on political, legislative, commercial and social developments relating to cannabis. Its core audience thus comprises policymakers, sociologists, historians, journalists and those involved in enforcement. The second volume is targeted at drugs professionals working in the fields of treatment, prevention and healthcare. A multilingual summary of the contents is available >>

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Table of contents

Part I: Epidemiology

  • Chapter 1: Prevalence, patterns and trends of cannabis use among adults in Europe Julian Vicente, Deborah Olszewski and João Matias
  • Chapter 2: Measuring cannabis-related problems and dependence at the population level François Beck and Stéphane Legleye
  • Chapter 3: Patterns of cannabis use among students in Europe Björn Hibell and Barbro Andersson
  • Chapter 4: Cannabis in the context of polydrug use: results from the Dutch National School Survey Karin Monshouwer, Filip Smit and Jacqueline Verdurmen
  • Chapter 5: Cannabis users and their relation to Finnish society Taru Kekoni

Part II: Health effects of cannabis use

  • Chapter 6: Cannabis use and physical and mental health John Witton
  • Chapter 7: The public health significance of cannabis in the spectrum of psychoactive substances Robin Room
  • Chapter 8: Assessing the population health impact of cannabis use Wayne Hall
  • Chapter 9: Cannabis use and driving: implications for public health and transport policy Robert E. Mann, Gina Stoduto, Scott Macdonald and Bruna Brands

Part III: Prevention and treatment

  • Chapter 10: Treating cannabis use disorders: perspectives and best practices Anders Bergmark
  • Chapter 11: Cannabis prevention in the EU Gregor Burkhart and Amador Calafat
  • Chapter 12: Moving towards evidence-based practice: school-based prevention of substance use in the USA Zili Sloboda
  • Chapter 13: Cannabis users in drug treatment in Europe: an analysis from treatment demand data Linda Montanari, Colin Taylor and Paul Griffiths
  • Chapter 14: Cannabis treatment in Europe: a survey of services Sharon Rödner Sznitman
  • Chapter 15: Has treatment demand for cannabis-related disorders increased in Germany? Roland Simon and Ludwig Kraus
  • Chapter 16: Risk factors for cannabis use Niall Coggans