A cannabis reader: global issues and local experiences: Volume 1


The EMCDDA’s cannabis monograph addresses one basic question. How can I find quality information on cannabis, amid all the bias and opinion? The monograph is divided into two volumes. The first volume centres on political, legislative, commercial and social developments relating to cannabis. Its core audience thus comprises policymakers, sociologists, historians, journalists and those involved in enforcement. The second volume is targeted at drugs professionals working in the fields of treatment, prevention and healthcare. A multilingual summary of the contents is available >>

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Table of contents

Part I: Cannabis in the past

  • Chapter 1: Cannabis as medicine in Europe in the 19th century Manfred Fankhauser
  • Chapter 2: The re-emergence of the therapeutic use of cannabis products: recent developments and future prospects John Witton
  • Chapter 3: The pharmacology of cannabis: issues for understanding its use Desmond Corrigan
  • Chapter 4: Soma, the Wootton Report and cannabis law reform in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s Stephen Abrams
  • Chapter 5: Cannabis’s role in drawing attention to ‘the drugs problem’ in Sweden Börje Olsson
  • Chapter 6: Enlargement 2005: cannabis in the new EU Member States Jacek Moskalewicz, Airi-Alina Allaste, Zsolt Demetrovics, Danica Klempova and Janusz Sierosławski, with Ladislav Csemy, Vito Flaker, Neoklis Georgiades, Anna Girard, Vera Grebenc, Ernestas Jasaitis, Ines Kvaternik Jenko, Richard Muscat, Marcis Trapencieris, Sharon Vella and Alenka Žagar

Part II: Policies, legislation and control strategies

  • Chapter 7: Cannabis control in Europe Danilo Ballotta, Henri Bergeron and Brendan Hughes
  • Chapter 8: In thinking about cannabis policy, what can be learned from alcohol and tobacco? Robin Room
  • Chapter 9: An open front door: the coffee shop phenomenon in the Netherlands Dirk Korf
  • Chapter 10: Cannabis policy: tightening the ties in Denmark Vibeke Asmussen
  • Chapter 11: Cannabis: a harm reduction perspective Andrew Bennett

Part III: Supply and production issues

  • Chapter 12: Global cannabis cultivation and trafficking Ted Leggett and Thomas Pietschmann
  • Chapter 13: Monitoring cannabis availability in Europe: issues, trends and challenges Chloé Carpentier, Meredith Meacham and Paul Griffiths
  • Chapter 14: Understanding cannabis potency and monitoring cannabis products in Europe Leslie King
  • Chapter 15: Multinational export–import ventures: Moroccan hashish into Europe through Spain Juan Francisco Gamella and Maria Luisa Jiménez Rodrigo
  • Chapter 16: An analysis of the significance of supply and market factors for variations in European cannabis use Leif Lenke

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