Evaluating drug policy: a seven-step guide to support the commissioning and managing of evaluations


This document summarises the main issues concerning evaluation in the field of drug policy. Aimed at those managing rather than undertaking drug policy evaluations, the guide acts as an introduction, providing links to the wider literature. Recognising that there is no single correct way to undertake an evaluation, this publication is designed to assist people in choosing the best approach to suit their circumstances and to maximise the value of any evaluation.

A companion web page provides more information and resources on policy evaluation. It includes information on EU drug policies as well as links to further resources.

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Table of contents

  • About this guide
  • Why evaluate drug policy?
  • Key messages
  • Step 1 Preparing the ground
  • Step 2 Deciding on the type and scope of the evaluation
  • Step 3 Choosing an evaluation team
  • Step 4 Evaluation design: research questions and methods
  • Step 5 Evaluation design: logic models or cause-and-effect chains and data requirements
  • Step 6 During the evaluation
  • Step 7 Using the evaluation results
  • Sources and further reading
  • Glossary of key terms used in evaluations


  • Polish (translated by Mazowieckie Centrum Polityki Społecznej)