European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC): a handbook for decision-makers, opinion-makers and policy-makers in science-based prevention of substance use

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This handbook has been developed with the primary purpose of providing specific reference material for the European Prevention Curriculum (EUPC) training courses. It also serves to provide a more general introduction to prevention science and, in particular, to science-based interventions. The training curriculum has been developed by a European project entitled UPC-Adapt, which was co-funded by the European Commission. 

Notes on translations:
Croatian: translated and produced by the Laboratory for Prevention Research (PrevLab), Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Department of Behaviour Disorders, University of Zagreb
Dutch: translated and produced by HOGENT
Estonian: translated and produced by Tervise Arengu Instituut
French: translated and produced by the EU4MD project
German: translated and produced by Finder Akademie
Latvian: translated and produced by the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control of Latvia.
Lithuanian: translated and produced by the Lithuanian focal point
Portuguese: translated and produced by the EMCDDA
Spanish: translated by Carmen Orte, Joan Amer y Maria Antònia Gomila (Universitat de les Illes Balears), translation revised by Oihana Rementeria, produced by Ministerio de Sanidad: Delegación del Gobierno para el Plan Nacional sobre Drogas

Table of contents

  • Acknowledgements 
  • Abbreviations 
  • Foreword 
  • Use of this handbook 
  • Preface 
  • Introduction 
  • PART I: General concepts underpinning efective prevention 
    • Chapter 1: Epidemiology — understanding the nature and extent of substance use 
    • Chapter 2: Foundations of prevention science and evidence-based prevention interventions 
    • Chapter 3: Evidence-based prevention interventions and policies 
    • Chapter 4: Monitoring and evaluation 
  • PART II: Prevention approaches in different settings 
    • Chapter 5: Family-based prevention 
    • Chapter 6: School-based and workplace-based prevention 
    • Chapter 7: Environmental prevention 
    • Chapter 8: Media-based prevention 
    • Chapter 9: Community-based prevention 
    • Chapter 10: Advocacy for prevention 
  • Final refections 
  • References 
  • Annexes
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