Building a national drugs observatory — toolbox


This toolbox provides a range of complementary tools, templates and information to enhance the content of the handbook. For ease of reference, these have been divided into five sections.

If you need more information, or wish to add to the tools, make observations or recommendations, please contact the EMCDDA or CICAD at the following addresses: and

Online toolbox

The toolbox provides access to a range of material related to the national drugs observatory toolbox. New resources will be added as they arrive.

Guidelines and templates

As a support to the further development of this toolbox, here are some working documents that may be useful. We kindly invite you to send us any translation or any other guidelines or template documents that you may find complement the selection we have provided.

EMCDDA related tools

This section provides shows links to other EMCDDA tools and products that help complement certain aspects of the handbook. Please click on the link to access the source.

Complementary information

UN Conventions

International Organisations

Further reading

Drug epidemiology

Research methods

Additional resources