Europol–EMCDDA Joint report on a new psychoactive substance: 1-(3-chlorophenyl) piperazine (mCPP)


In August 2005, after examining the available information collected on mCPP (1-(3-chlorophenyl)piperazine), the EMCDDA and Europol decided to launch a procedure for the production of a Joint report. The report concluded that mCPP seemed unlikely to establish itself as a recreational drug in its own right and recommended that, in view of the fact that the substance was used in the manufacture of at least one medicinal product, no risk assessment should be carried out. Following the recommendations of the report, in 2006 the Commission requested an active monitoring of the substance. The Active monitoring report presents further data on mCPP and the risks it poses. To access  the Active monitoring report click here.

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Table of contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Information collection process
  • 3. Information requested by Article 5.2 of the Decision
  • 4. Information from the EMEA as requested by Article 5.3 of the Decision
  • 5. Conclusions
  • 6. Recommendations

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