HIV and hepatitis B and C in Latvia


At the request of the Ministry of Health in Riga, a team of experts from European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the EMCDDA paid a technical visit to Latvia on 2–4 September 2014. The aim of the joint mission was to analyse the epidemiological situation, review current prevention and control efforts, and propose key actions for strengthening the response to HIV and hepatitis B and C.

The mission confirmed the very high rate of infections with hepatitis B and C, HIV, and AIDS, concentrated mainly among certain populations at higher risk. Based on the findings of this mission, the mission team prepared a comprehensive list of remedial actions.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Epidemiological situation
  • Problem drug use in Latvia
  • Findings of the joint mission
  • Developments since the 2011 mission
  • Summary of the main recommendations of the mission
  • Annex 1. Programme of the mission
  • Annex 2. List of participants
  • Annex 3. Bibliography