Amphetamine: a European Union perspective in the global context


This joint publication with the European Police Agency, Europol, is an in-depth study on the illicit market in amphetamine. Bringing together data on law enforcement measures such as drug seizures and clandestine laboratory detections with data on drug use prevalence, the report shows that Europe is the world’s number one producer of amphetamine and a major consumer market. As a synthetic drug that can be manufactured close to its market, measures aimed at disrupting amphetamine supply include restricting access to the chemicals used in its production. The illicit market, however, has developed sophisticated responses to these and other control measures. Highlighting the role of cooperation between law enforcement agencies in different countries, the study points to the need for a better understanding of illicit amphetamine markets to underpin a more effective and informed policy response.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • The global context
  • Amphetamine production and precursors issues
  • The European user markets for amphetamine
  • Amphetamine production and trafficking in Europe
  • European and international initiatives
  • Conclusions