Drug-related homicide in Europe: a first review of the data and literature


Homicide is a violent act that generates high social costs. In particular, drug-related homicide (DRH) has the potential to act as an indicator of wider drug-related crime. Comparing DRH levels between countries with data on this topic can be a valuable tool for identifying trends and new threats. As part of its programme for developing and improving drug supply indicators, the EMCDDA has been expanding its monitoring to include measures of wider drug-related crime, including DRH. However, there appears to be a significant gap in the available European data on this topic. This EMCDDA Paper aims to identify relevant European DRH data sources, assess the role of drugs in national homicide data, and consider these sources and data in terms of monitoring potential. The Paper also includes a critical review of existing national and international homicide data sources.

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Table of contents

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methology
  • National data sources
  • International data sources
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Appendices