Stimulant seizures: regional variations

The main illicit stimulant drugs available in Europe are cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine and MDMA. The retail value of the stimulant market in the European Union is estimated to be worth between EUR 6.3 billion and EUR 10.2 billion. There are marked regional differences regarding which stimulant is most commonly seized, which are influenced by the location of entry ports and trafficking routes, major production centres and large consumer markets. Cocaine is the most frequently seized stimulant in many western and southern countries, closely reflecting where the drug enters Europe. Amphetamines seizures are predominant in northern and central Europe, with methamphetamine the most commonly seized stimulant in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia. MDMA is the most commonly seized stimulant drug in Croatia, Romania and Turkey.

Most frequently seized stimulant drug in Europe, 2015 or most recent data