Increase in seizures of new psychoactive substances

In 2015, almost 80 000 seizures of new psychoactive substances were reported through the EU Early Warning System. Together, the synthetic cathinones and synthetic cannabinoids accounted for over 60 % of all seizures of new substances in 2015 (over 47 000). Increases were also observed in the quantities seized in 2015, compared with the previous year, for synthetic cathinones, synthetic cannabinoids and new opioids.

European seizure totals for new substances must be understood as minimum values, as data are drawn from case reports rather than monitoring systems. Reported seizures are influenced by a range of factors such as increasing awareness of new substances, their changing legal status, law enforcement capacities and priorities, and the reporting practices of law enforcement agencies.

Number of seizures of new psychoactive substances reported to the EU Early Warning System: trends and distribution by category in 2015


Data for EU Member States, Turkey and Norway.