European drug prevention quality standards: a quick guide


The aim of this ‘quick guide’ is to make practical information on prevention quality standards available outside the European Union. This is a condensed version of EMCDDA Manual 7: European drug prevention quality standards (EDPQS), it includes a description of the eight stages involved in the drug prevention cycle, along with a self-reflection checklist that can be used when planning and implementing prevention activities. It has been designed for practitioners and those working in the field.

Click here for more information about the European drug prevention quality standards (EDPQS) including toolkits

Table of contents


  • Albanian (proofread by Eduard Kakarriqi, Head of Department of Epidemiology and Health Systems, Institute of Public Health, Albania)
  • Bosnian (proofread by Jasmin Pljevljak, Ministry of Security, Bosnia Herzegovina)
  • Croatian (proofread by Dijana Jerković, Office for Combating Drugs Abuse of the Government of the Republic of Croatia)
  • French (translation verified by the French national focal point)
  • Georgian (translation by the Tomáš Zábranský Institute of Addiction Studies, Ilia State University, within the framework of the EMCDDA4GE project)
  • Hungarian (translation by the Hungarian national focal point)
  • Lithuanian (translated, adopted and published by the Lithuanian Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department, using EDPQS Toolkit 4: Adaptation and Dissemination)
  • Macedonian (proofread byTatjana Petrusevska, Head of sector for controlled substances, Ministry of health, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
  • Polish (translation/adaptation commissioned by the Masovian Centre for Social Policy (MCPS) and the National Bureau for Drug Prevention (NBDP), lead contact: Artur Malczewski)
  • Serbian (proofread by Biljana Kilibarda, national correspondent for IPA4/EMCDDA)
  • Slovenian (translation by the Slovenian Institute for Research and Development 'Utrip')
  • Spanish (translated and proofread by COPOLAD)
  • Swedish (translated by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, Folkhälsomyndighetens)
  • Turkish (proofread by Bünyamin Öztas, TUBIM — Turkish national focal point)


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