Methamphetamine from Afghanistan: signals indicate that Europe should be better prepared


This report examines the relatively recent emergence of methamphetamine production in Afghanistan and identifies actions that may be taken in Europe to mitigate the risks. The publication stresses the importance of increasing awareness on the issue among policymakers in Europe as well as among law-enforcement authorities (especially those located along traditional heroin trafficking routes). Also cited as a priority is training for customs officials, border guards and police authorities both along the Balkan, southern and northern routes and at other key border crossing points, maritime ports and airports. The report is the result of research conducted under the agency’s EU4MD and IPA7 projects, both funded by the European Commission.

This report was prepared before recent developments in Afghanistan and before the withdrawal of US military and other NATO allies from the country. The findings of this report are preliminary and will need to be reviewed and updated as more information becomes available from the region.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction 
  • Afghanistan: a new player in the global methamphetamine market 
  • Iran: from producer to transit nation .
  • Possible consumer markets for southwest Asian methamphetamine 
  • Conclusions
  • References
  • Acknowledgements