Libyan anti-narcotics agency pays first visit to the EMCDDA

A delegation from the Narcotics and Psychotropic Drug Control Agency of the Libyan Ministry of the Interior is visiting the EMCDDA today for the first time. The two-day visit is organised under the EU4Monitoring Drugs II project, funded by the European Union. The delegation, led by Major General Khaled Almabrok A. Omar, will meet EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel, as well as staff members responsible for the Reitox network, international cooperation and drug-related security.

The aim of the visit is to discuss future cooperation between the two agencies and to exchange information about the drug situation in Libya and the European Union. The new mandate of the agency will also be presented.

To date, Libyan representatives have taken part in several regional activities under the EU4Monitoring Drugs project, focusing on capacity building and data collection. In 2023, three representatives took part in a training session on building national drug observatories. Libya also participated in the mapping of prevention systems in the European Neighbourhood Policy area (see 2022 report).

Over the two days, the delegation will also meet representatives of the Portuguese Reitox focal point (ICAD) to discuss Portuguese drug policy. This meeting will offer the chance for the visiting delegation to present the Libyan drug policy framework and learn about the role of a national focal point and the use of data for the planning and monitoring national drug policy.

Also on the agenda will be a meeting at the Lisbon-based Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre (Narcotics) (MAOC-N). This initiative, involving seven countries and co-funded by the EU Internal Security Fund, offers a forum for multi-lateral cooperation to tackle illicit drug trafficking by sea and air.

Libya is one of the beneficiaries of the EU4MD II project which the EMCDDA has developed as part of its ongoing commitment to strengthening cooperation and sharing expertise with countries in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) area.