EMCDDA announces changes to its Scientific Committee line-up

The EMCDDA Scientific Committee, meeting in Lisbon this week, re-elected its Chair and Vice Chair and welcomed four new members. Chair Prof. Dr. Catherine Comiskey (Ireland) and Vice-Chair Prof. Dr. Henri Bergeron (France) will continue in their positions until the new Regulation of the agency (COM(2002)18) becomes applicable (expected in 2024).

The four new members are:

Also, on the agenda this week were discussions on the draft EMCDDA Single Programming Document for 2024–26 and updates on the agency’s activities, including its work on foresight and Lisbon Addictions 2024.

The Scientific Committee plays a major role in the EMCDDA’s efforts to attain scientific excellence. It is composed of 15 high-level scientists from the EU Member States, selected through a public selection process based on scientific merit and independence. Since members of the Committee are appointed in a personal capacity, they are required to provide opinions independently of their country and of the Community institutions.

The EMCDDA Director and Management Board consult the Scientific Committee on the agency’s work programmes or on any scientific matter concerning its activity. The Committee also plays a pivotal role in the agency’s risk assessment of new psychoactive substances.