Speech by Dr Franz Pietsch, Chair of the EMCDDA Management Board, on the occasion of the launch of the European Drug Report 2022

It is a great honour for me, as Chair of the EMCDDA Management Board, to introduce the European Drug Report 2022.

This annual report delivers the latest overview of the drug situation in Europe up to 2022, exploring long-term trends and emerging threats. Based on data from 29 countries (EU 27, Turkey and Norway), the report includes chapters on individual drugs, as well as on drug supply, production and precursors.

This flagship publication is an essential resource for gaining a strategic and holistic understanding of the European drug situation and its implications for public health and security. It illustrates the EU’s balanced approach to explore the impact of long-term trends on the health and safety of the public, and detect more quickly any new threats, enabling decision-makers to improve their preparedness and response.

The added value of the EMCDDA lies in its ability to help European and national policymakers and professionals in the drugs field to tackle the causes and consequences of drug use. As part of its Strategy 2025, the EMCDDA is, therefore, recalibrating its activities, proactively making them more customer centric.

For many years, the agency’s task was to produce, share and disseminate data. Today, it is increasingly called upon to provide analytical and targeted information to allow policymakers and practitioners to develop evidence-based policies and services.

In December last year, the EMCDDA Management Board adopted the principles of a new Business Model for the agency that will improve how it interacts with its audiences and how it identifies and responds to their needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly reinforced the need for change, and I am pleased to see that the EMCDDA is engaging in such important developments.

I would like to convey my special thanks to the EMCDDA Director, and to all of his staff, for this high-quality report. My thanks also go the national focal points, to the EMCDDA Scientific Committee, and to all national, European and international partners who contributed to this analysis.

Thank you for your attention.