EMCDDA launches its first bilateral technical cooperation project with Georgia

The EMCDDA has launched today its first bilateral technical cooperation project with Georgia aimed at enhancing national responses to drug-related health and security threats. The EMCDDA4Georgia project (EMCDDA4GE) will focus primarily on knowledge transfer and capacity-building in the areas of drug monitoring, reporting, prevention and treatment.

The EMCDDA and Georgia have a long tradition of cooperation, illustrated, among others, by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the agency and the Georgian Ministry of Justice in 2015. EMCDDA4GE will build on the achievements and results of previous, and current, EMCDDA technical cooperation projects involving the country (such as EU4MD) as well as on the ongoing EU-funded project currently implemented in Georgia (EU-ACT).

The new project will further familiarise the agency’s Georgian partners with the EU drug information system and its methodologies and tools, as well as with the transfer of best practice in the area of interventions. It will also support the strengthening of the newly-created National Drug Observatory.

EMCDDA4GE will be implemented by the EMCDDA under the supervision of the Delegation of the EU in Georgia. The agency will also proactively engage during the project with the European Commission (DG NEAR and DG HOME) and with the European External Action Service (EEAS).

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