Austrian Minister for the EU and Constitution visits the EMCDDA

Austrian Federal Minister for the European Union and Constitution Karoline Edtstadler, visits the EMCDDA today where she will meet EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel. The Minister will receive a briefing on the agency’s ongoing activities under EMCDDA Strategy 2025 and how it contributes to a healthier and more secure Europe through better-informed drug policy and action.

Federal Minister Edtstadler, took up her position in January 2020 and is paying her first visit to the EMCDDA. The Minister will be accompanied by a delegation of Austrian dignitaries, including Austrian Ambassador to Portugal, Robert Zischg.

Speaking ahead of the visit, Alexis Goosdeel said: ‘I am delighted to welcome Federal Minister Edtstadler and her delegation to the EMCDDA today. Austria is one of the agency’s longest-standing members and its strong drug monitoring capacity provides a firm evidence base on the national drug situation in the European context. We look forward to continued cooperation with our Austrian partners as we build on the achievements of the past 25 years and face the challenges ahead’.

Austria has been a member of the EMCDDA since 1995 and sits on its Management Board. Current representative for Austria, Franz Pietsch (Federal Ministry of Health), serves in the position of Vice-Chair of the Board.

Austria contributes data to the agency, among others, via the Reitox network of national focal points. The Austrian national focal point is located at the Austrian Public Health Institute (Gesundheit Österreich GmbH), a public body funded by the Federal Ministry of Health. It was one of the first focal points to be EMCDDA certified on 31 March 2020.

Following the visit to the EMCDDA, the Minister will proceed to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).