EU drugs agency to launch European Drug Report 2013

New annual trends report from the EMCDDA

The EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) has reshaped the way in which it reports on Europe’s drugs problem. On 28 May, the agency will present its annual overview of the European drug situation in a new information package designed to be ‘more timely, interactive and interlinked’.

Central to the package is the European Drug Report 2013: Trends and developments which replaces the former Annual report on the state of the drugs problem in Europe, traditionally published in the autumn. Released six months earlier, the shorter, graphic-rich report summarises the latest trends across the 27 EU Member States, Norway, Croatia and Turkey.

Accompanying the report are the online interactive Perspectives on drugs (PODs) providing deeper insights into a selection of important issues. This year, issues identified include: new treatment approaches for hepatitis C; high-risk cannabis use; cocaine-related emergencies; and the control of increasingly available new psychoactive substances. The package will be completed by the annual Statistical bulletin and Country overviews which offer national-level data and analysis.

The above changes take place in the context of the EMCDDA’s latest three-year strategy (2013–15) which is based on the guiding principles of: relevance and timeliness; efficiency and value; and communication and customer focus. The developments are designed to keep pace with both the rapidly shifting drug phenomenon and the growing needs and changing expectations of the agency’s audiences.

The European Drug Report 2013 will be available in 23 languages (in print and online). Full details available on 28 May.

  • Launch date: Tuesday 28 May 2013
  • Time: 10:00 Western European Time (Lisbon) (11:00 Central European Time)
  • Press conference venue: EMCDDA, Cais do Sodré, 1249-289, Lisbon
  • Interviews: EMCDDA representatives will be available on the day of the launch in Lisbon to answer journalists’ questions. Across Europe, staff at the Reitox national focal points will answer country-specific queries (interview details available at above link)
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