ReDNet–EMCDDA conference, 12–13 March 2012, Budapest

The ever-changing world of psychoactive drugs

hands of two teenage girls exchanging drugs

The ‘Ever-changing world of psychoactive drugs’ is the focus of an international conference to take place in Budapest from 12–13 March. The event is an initiative of the EU-funded Recreational Drugs European Network (ReDNet) project and the EMCDDA. This conference will offer an opportunity to share scientific knowledge on the nature of new compounds and the clinical and legal challenges faced by multidisciplinary professionals today.

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International experts in the field will deliver over 60 presentations around four key themes:

Clinical challenges

  • Analysis of the major chemical, pharmacological and clinical issues regarding novel compounds.
  • What is the nature of these compounds? What are their effects on human health?

Novel prevention models for novel compounds

  • How can we develop effective prevention models in response to these emerging compounds?
  • How can these models become valuable tools for the dissemination of information to inform
  • policy, practice and the general public?

Legal challenges

  • Exploration of the major challenges posed by the rapid diffusion of novel compounds in terms
  • of national/international legislation. How can we develop a better understanding of the complex
  • interplay between established illicit drugs and new products? How can we contribute to novel
  • legislative solutions?

Substance misuse and lifestyle

  • The exponential shift in the drugs field is a reflection of broader social processes. Do these differ
  • from country to country? What are the emerging trends? We live in times of globalisation and
  • rapidly developing information technology. Does this change have an impact on substance use?
  • And if so, how?