2022 EMCDDA expert meeting on the epidemiological indicator Drug-related deaths (DRD)

On 3-4-November 2022, the EMCDDA brought together more than seventy European and international experts for an hybrid meeting on the key indicator Drug-related deaths. The meeting provides a space for sharing and discussing new data, studies and experiences at regional, national and European level.

It also aims to facilitate technical work around the collection and analysis of the different components of this indicator: overdose and toxicological information from special mortality registers; data from the general mortality registers; mortality cohort studies; as well as developments in responses.

Meeting topics

This year particular attention is given to:

  • Threat assessment with ‘Tour de table’ of the nominated national experts
  • Overall mortality among drug users: beyond overdoses, large excess risk of death - focus on suicide
  • Signals of concern: diversification and increase in opioid deaths
  • Preliminary discussion of the data reported in 2022
  • Outbreak and threats: a range of stimulants and other drugs causing deaths and harms
  • Acute drug-toxicity and morbidity: insights from sentinel poison control centres and emergency services
  • Latest developments in responses, including drug treatment

Main findings

A summary of key points will be available after the meeting. More information, preliminary analysis and presentations are also available in the restricted area for the National Focal Points and the national experts.