Drug-related deaths (DRD) - codification practices expert meeting

On 28 September 2016, the EMCDDA will bring together European and international experts from a dozen  countries for a technical meeting on the key indicator Drug-related deaths and on the issues of codification of drug-induced deaths (or overdose) data in particular. The meeting will provide a space for sharing and discussing new analysis of the coding practices across countries, according to the EMCDDA DRD protocol and to the WHO ICD coding guidelines. The experts will focus on the implications of the updates of the ICD coding guidelines and on the data flow between the different sources of national data on overdose deaths.

The workshop also aims to facilitate discussions around a better application of the European DRD protocol to improve harmonisation and comparability across Europe. Good national examples will be shared and discussed. The main findings of the workshop will be presented also during the regular DRD meeting on 29-30 September 2016

There will be a range of presentations from EU countries and partners including WHO.

Meeting topics

Particular attention will be given to  Issues related to the coding of causes of drug related deaths. Specific issues include

  • The data flow between special and general mortality registers
  • The consistency of data between both sources
  • The use of some specific ICD codes such as X44 X64 and Y14
  • The impact of the update of the ICD coding
  • Way forward for the European monitoring of DRD.