EU expert meeting on the EMCDDA key epidemiological indicator Treatment Demand (TDI)

The 2012 annual expert meeting of the key epidemiological indicator ‘Treatment demand indicator’ (TDI) took place in Lisbon on 20 and 21 September. The meeting brought together 55 experts from EU Member States and other countries.
The meeting’s first two sessions covered the progress of the indicator over the previous year, both in activities and in results, as well as developments in related projects in other areas. Another session was given over to assessing and discussing the implementation of the revised TDI protocol (Ver 3.0).
As usual, during TDI meetings, a whole afternoon was dedicated to parallel workshops that address analytical or methodological questions. This year the sessions were on heroin trends, new trends in TDI clients, and methodological issues and clients’ profile.
The final session of the meeting was dedicated to topics relevant to treatment demand experts, such as misuse of opioids in the United States, heroin shortages, psychiatric comorbidity, 'trends in heroin use and heroin injection based on TDI data', 'understanding increase in cannabis treatment' and the projects 'EQUATOR' and 'Viewit'.