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Program Domowych Detektywow

Quality level: 3

Process evaluation

Operational objectives

To assure high quality of the programme delivery including implementation of all key elements of the programme: rates of parental participation in the programme and its elements, satisfaction of all actors of the program (teachers, peer leaders, students and parents).

Process indicators

Parents and students involvement:rate of participation in home-based booklet activities (students and parents), rate of participation in the family evening (students and parents).

Methods of peer leader selection and peer leader performance.

Rates of students satisfaction.

Instruments used

Type of instrument Name of instrument
Program specific instruments used (e.g. self-constructed collection instrument)
Qualitative instrument Focus group interview with teachers, observation of classroom activities, self-report questionnaires

Outcome evaluation

Evaluation design

pre-post design and comparison group and randomisation - rct

Specific objectives and outcome indicators

Specific objective 1

To reduce alcohol use among 10-12-year-olds and their intention to drink.

Outcome indicator 1

Alcohol use scale (four items, Alpha,74) and intention to drink scale (three items, Alpha ,70)

Specific objective 2

To strengthen selected protective factors related to alcohol use: students skills of identifying and resisting social pressure to drink alcohol, perceived peer norms against drinking, and to decrease pro-alcohol attitudes. To facilitate parent-child communication about alcohol and other risky behaviors.

Outcome indicator 2

Peer norms scale (six items, Alpha,63) Perceived resistance skills scale (five items, Alpha ,74) Parent-child communication scale (three items, Alpha ,79)

Specific objective 3

To improve students knowledge on alcohol advertising and modelling, peer pressure and the consequences of alcohol consumption.

Outcome indicator 3

Alcohol-related knowledge test (five items).

Instruments used

Type of instrument Name of instrument
Modified (standard) instrument used (e.g. a recognised standard instrument was used but modified according to programme specific needs) "Slick 98" Questionnaire

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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