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FreD goes net — Early intervention for young drug users.

Quality level: 2

Actions taken and/or services provided

All projects submitted in 2008 or later will have a full description of the actions taken and/or services provided.

Adolescents that first come to notice in the context of drug use were mediate to a provider of FreD. Participation can either be voluntary or result from judicial or social pressure. Attending a FreD course should be linked to a visible ‘benefit’ to the individual (e.g. the possibility that proceedings are dropped; milder forms of disciplinary action or sanctions are taken at school or the workplace). FreD consists of an ‘intake interview’ and eight hours of group work which can be subdivided into two or four parts depending on regional needs and circumstances. If needed, an outtake interview can be added. One task of the intake interview is to establish whether course participation was actually indicated or if a referral to another offer is more useful. Following the eight hour group course for 7 to 12 participants take place. Afterwards, the participants receive a confirmation of participating. The confirmation has to be send to the institution where the adolescent was beeing noticed either by the adolescent or the FreD trainers. During the outtake, the youngsters achieve feedback on their drug use and personal risk and protection factors, and made it possible to discuss further measures where appropriate. Parents can be included in the outtake interview if necessary. The course addresses the following topics: *knowledge on the effects and risks of different substances and legal aspects, * reflection on personal patterns and motives of drug use, * practical tips for limiting consumption or quitting altogether, * information about local counselling and other available help. Group work is done interactively, i.e. in a way that includes participants.

The PDF contains the full intervention description including additional contact information.


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