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BELGIUM, DENMARK: PMMA amongst drugs newly controlled (24/06/2002)

Following the European Council Decision 2002/188/JHA of 28 February 2002 to request Member States to submit PMMA to control measures and criminal penalties, Belgium and Denmark have recently added it to their list of controlled substances.

In Belgium, two Arrjths-Royal of 30 April, published on 30 May, bring PMMA, 2-CB and Zolpidem under control of the "Arrjti royal du 22 janvier 1998 riglementant certaines substances psychotropes". 2-CB and Zolpidem are included following their addition to the UN's List of Psychotropic Substances Under Control in March 2001.

In Denmark, the Regulation nr. 305 of 16 May brings PMMA and 2-CI under the control of the "Bekendtgxrelse nr. 698 af 31. august 1993 om euforiserende stoffer", with 2-CI being included following its seizure in the country in early May.

These regulations can be found in the ELDD's Legal Text Search section.

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