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European Addiction Severity Index (EuropASI)

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Author/Developer / Address:

Blacken, P.; Hendriks, V.; Pozzi, G.; Tempesta, E.; Hartgers, C.; Koeter, M.; Fahrner, E.M.; Gsellhofer, B.; Küfner, H.; Kokkevi, A.; Uchtenhagen, A.

For Czech adaptation please contact Alena Trojackova

References for Czech version and adaptation:

Kubička, L., Csémy, L. (1997). První zkušenosti sčeskou verzí EuropASI. Alkoholizmus a drogové závislosti (Protialkoholický obzor), 32, 4, s. 215-221.

Kubička, L., Csémy, L. (1998). Validita české verze EuropASI. Alkoholizmus a drogové závislosti (Protialkoholický obzor), 33, 5, s. 307-315.

For Hungarian adaptation please contact Eszter Nadas

Publication dates:


Description / Type of Assessment:

Objective face-to-face structured interview. It is a multidimensional clinical and research instrument. The EUROPASI is an adaptation of the Addiction Severity Index (fifth version).

Primary use / Purpose:

Designed to provide basic diagnostic information on a client prior, during and after treatment for substance use-related problems, and for the assessment of change in client status and treatment outcome.

Domains measured / Life Areas / Problems Assessed:

General information
Medical status
Chemical use (alcohol / drug use)
Family / social relationships
Legal status
Psychiatric / psychological status



Administration / Completion Time:

30 - 45 minutes for a skilled and trained technician.

Scoring Procedures:

Not specified.

Scoring Time:

One minute (by computer). Five minutes (by hand).


Assessors will require training in interviewing troubled clients with substance use-related problems.

Source of Psychometrics:


English and several European languages.

Availability / Inquiries:

See the Manual.


The ASI is in the public domain.

Practicability / usefulness:

The EUROPASI is used for client clinical assessment and research purposes.
The EUROPASI can be used for different purposes in assessing substance abuse clients: a) to assess the problem severity of the interviewee, and b) for periodic repeated administrations to monitor and quantify change in problems commonly associated to substance abuse.

European Addiction Severity Index (EuropASI)
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