Outreach work among drug users in Europe: concepts, practice and terminology


Outreach work among drug users in Europe is the culmination of a multi-country study commissioned by the EMCDDA in 1998 to assess the concepts, practice and terminology relating to outreach work among drug users in the EU Member States. Significant variations are observed in Europe in the political, social, theoretical and practical contexts in which outreach work is delivered to this group. This publication aims to facilitate communication between professionals in this area by establishing linguistic equivalents and makes a case for including outreach work in a European-wide information system. The volume makes a significant contribution to the assessment of outreach work in Europe.

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Table of contents

  • What is outreach work?
  • Target groups, goals and working methods
  • The organisational context of outreach work
  • Terminology in outreach work
  • Documentation, data collection and evaluation
  • Country overviews and examples of good practice