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Drug research peer-reviewed journals in Europe

Country of origin Journal Language(s)
Czech Republic Adiktologie (English version) Czech with English abstracts
Germany Addiction Biology (1) English
European Addiction Research (2) English
Sucht German with English abstracts
Suchtmedizin in Forschung und Praxis German with English abstracts
Suchttherapie (3) German with English abstracts
Greece Exartisis Greek and English
Stigma Greek
Spain Adicciones (4) Spanish and English, with English abstracts
Revista Española de Drogodependencias Spanish
Salud y drogas Spanish, English and French
Trastornos Adictivos Spanish
France Alcoologie et addictologie French with English abstracts
Psychotropes French with English abstracts
Annales de toxicologie analytique French and English, with English abstracts
Austria Wiener Zeitschrift für Suchtforschung German with English abstracts
Poland Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Polish with English abstracts
Portugal Adictologia Portuguese with abstracts in English
Slovakia Alkoholizmus a drogové závislosti Slovak with English abstracts
Finland Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (5) Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English, with English abstracts
UK Addiction (6) English
Addiction Research and Theory (7) English
Drugs and Alcohol Today English
Drugs: education, prevention and policy (8) English
The International Journal of Drug Policy (9) English
Mental Health an Substance Use: Dual Diagnosis English
The Journal of Substance Use (10) English


A list of addiction journals, both in Europe and worldwide, together with submission guidelines and editorial overviews, is provided by the resource list of the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors.

2015 impact factor:
(1) 4.547
(2) 2.367
(3) 0.205
(4) 1.780
(5) 0.768
(6) 4.972
(7) 1.252
(8) 0.762
(9) 3.119
(10) 0.963

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