EMCDDA expert meetings

The EMCDDA regularly organises expert meetings, engaging with leading experts in the drugs field with the aim of developing and improving the scientific tools the agency uses in its work. These expert meetings are listed in the table below. 

Date Meeting Location
04.06.2020 COVID-19 impact to drug markets: A trendspotter meeting for Southern partnership countries - online meeting
26.05.2020 Satellite meeting - Annual meeting of the EMCDDA key indicator ‘Prevalence and patterns of drug use’ (GPS), online expert meeting for IPA beneficiaries Online
26.05.2020 Meeting on the risk assessment of the new psychoactive substance isotonitazene
19.05.2020 Prevalence and patterns of drug use expert meeting 2020 Online
28.01.2020 HCV Expert meeting ‘Scaling up action on HepC for PWID’ Lisbon, Portugal
27.11.2019 Annual expert meeting on the key indicator TDI EMCDDA
27.11.2019 Expert meeting on the Treatment Demand Indicator (TDI) 2019 Lisbon
12.11.2019 61st meeting of the Heads of Reitox National Focal Points Lisbon
11.11.2019 EU4MD Pre-Reitox workshop Lisbon, Portugal
21.10.2019 Expert meeting on drug-related deaths (DRD) 2019 Lisbon, Portugal
08.10.2019 Expert meeting on drug-related infectious diseases (DRID) 2019 Lisbon
26.06.2019 Expert meeting: Towards European guidance on risk prevention and harm reduction materials for people who use drugs Lisbon
18.06.2019 19th Annual meeting of the Reitox EWS Network Lisbon
13.06.2019 20th Meeting of the Legal Correspondents of the European Legal Database on Drugs Lisbon
28.05.2019 Prevalence and patterns of drug use expert meeting 2019 Lisbon
27.05.2019 Expert meeting on the key indicator problem drug use (PDU) 2019 Lisbon
21.05.2019 60th meeting of the Heads of National Focal Points Lisbon
28.01.2019 Technical meeting on interpretation of TDI trends - challenges and solutions Lisbon
04.12.2018 Euro-DEN research group meeting Lisbon
29.11.2018 Low-THC Cannabis meeting Lisbon