2nd extended Reitox network week (2013)

On 21–24 May 2013, the EMCDDA organised ‘Reitox week’ — an extended version of the regular Reitox Heads of focal points (HFP) meeting which is also attended by the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) beneficiaries and by representatives from the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries.

Every year, this unique event gathers together more than 40 national drugs observatories, which raises the visibility of the EMCDDA both in terms of coverage of information and importance of our model of data collection and also the importance of the agency’s cooperation with the EU Member States, the candidate and potential candidate and the neighbouring countries.

The first day of the meeting was organised around several parallel workshops, during which the representatives from the countries mentioned above presented and discussed ways to better understand the drug situation and methods to bridge the gap between drugs monitoring and interventions more effectively; with the overall aim of being able to respond better to rapid changes in the drugs field.

On the second day, bilateral coordination meetings on the ongoing IPA project and possible future ENP project allowed interested country representatives to discuss their cooperation with the EMCDDA.

On the last two days, the EU focal points carried on with their regular Reitox HFP meeting, during which they discussed, among others, the state of progress of the drug supply indicators, quality assurance issues, revision of tools on treatment, harm reduction and social reintegration as well as the future of the Reitox accreditation system. For more details, see the agendas below.