Second European conference on drug supply indicators, 2012

A joint initiative to develop European key indicators on drug markets, crime and supply reduction

The Conference is co‑organised by the European Commission and the EMCDDA, with the involvement of Europol.


The objective of this conference is to help formulate a proposal for developing and implementing key indicators in the area of drug supply. Although it is clear that improving information sources in this area will be a long‑term task, it is equally clear that, in order to progress, technical consensus is required on:

  • a clear conceptual framework for information collection;
  • the identification of priority needs; and
  • a realistic implementation plan.

The need to scale up the monitoring of illicit drug supply in Europe is an important component of the EU Drugs Action Plan 2009–12 (Action 67). The conference will provide the necessary technical support to enable the EU institutions to endorse a set of key European indicators in the fields of drug markets, drug‑related crime and drug supply reduction. The event will bring together national and international experts to review a draft technical proposal on the indicators drawn up by the EMCDDA. It will also identify the elements required for defining a roadmap for moving forward in this area of recognised importance to European drug policy.

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